Dual Z a little lost

  • Hi , can`t find anything in the docs about a simple dual Z setup without Z probes.
    All I want to do is lock 2 drive motor together for Z axis, then have the ability to split them apart eg to level them in homing
    I found M584 (M584 X0 Y1 Z2 E4 U5) so can make a new axis and think I need to do the normal current , steps , max speed etc to this axis , but not sure to lock them together again or do I just use M584 x0 y1 Z:2:5.

  • worked it out on my own I have how Z which moves both motors and a U axis which only moves 1 , I wonder if I can use U and V and have U for the left and V for the right ? .

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    You can do that, but most people split them into U and Z during Z homing only, and then home Z and U simultaneously.

  • How do you home U axis ?
    M574: endstop configuration looks like it only does XYZ and E , so how do you stop on a switch connected to U ?
    Tried a simple up 1mm and down until a trigger !!! , that doesn`t work .

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    The U endstop switch must be connected to the E0 endstop input, and its position declared in the M574 command along with the others. Like other commands that use axis letters, the M574 command must come later in config.g than the M584 command that creates the additional axis or axes.

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