Stringing how do i stop it?

  • I'm having excessive Stringing while doing prints when it gets to the end of one side the print and moves to the next layer it is always Stringing.

    or when moving to the next area.

    how do i stop this

  • Use retraction, or increase it.

  • Lower hotend temp.

  • Add wipe on retraction in the slicer.

  • +1 for using slightly more retraction both greater length and faster (but don't overdo it on all metal hotends, when using PLA). +1 for lowering nozzle temp (its a balance as you need enough for good filament flow and good interlayer bonding, but too much increases stringing, blobbing and charring all undesirable).

    I would also add increasing travel (non-printing) speed, you want your travel speed to be as close to as fast as your machine can go for the speed you want to print at, as it allows less time for filament to ooze and therefore string, it makes strings finer, and sometimes eliminates them by breaking them before they form.

    Also look into pressure advance, Ian is a great expert on it, it does slightly complicate retraction tuning, so tune temperature first, then retraction, then travel speed, then finally pressure advance (sometimes dialling retraction back a bit in the process)

    Depending on material a light go over with a heat gun or even very briefly with a small blowtorch, removes strings very nicely.


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