Temputure Problem

  • I have the software config set to max 280
    the web page will not display any higher temp than 235 in the drop down menu and even if i send a m104 s280 its stops at 235

    Also seems when i set heater to 279 it will heat but when it reaches temp shuts off and after it shuts off it will not turn on till its cool
    I had it to 279 it turned of for what ever reason now even if i try to set 200 it gos on and turns right off.

    The duet wifi is only a couple weeks old right now as is the hot end
    The duet web is saying heater 1 t0 fault
    Any suggestions as to what might cause this?.

    Any suggestions


  • could the problem be because i am doing a test print with S3D and have set different profiles
    to change the temp every 10 layers starting at high temp and dropping 5% till i hit 80 layers…
    so it will have to cool between every 10 layers should i put a m116 for each profile?.

    Thanks gary

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