Medium Sized Cartesian, Ballscrew Printer

  • I am almost there with my medium sized printer. The printer has a current x bed length of 490mm, y bed length of 430mm and a z height of 500mm. It is designed with Bosch Rexroth linear rails on all axis and ballscrew drives on all axis. It has IDEX heads (although very interested in developing a swappable head version/development) with three motors for the z axis for mechanical bed leveling as well as software leveling. The enclosure is not yet fully complete, but I am hoping to get that done ASAP! I realise the ballscrews are perhaps overkill, but the idea is that it could also have a subtractive head so I felt belts might not get the desired stiffness. Of course, the whole thing is controlled with a DUET + DUEX5.

    Any thought/comments welcome.

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  • Hopefully that has it sorted, thanks Tony

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    Looks good!

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    Yes looking very good…


    ?!?!?! thats not a Duet!

    (j/k btw :D)

  • Where did you source the integrated ballscrew motors? I've only seen integrated leadscrew motors usually.


  • Dont look at the paperwork, it was from the wiring on a different printer I have (I was using it as scrap paper for the colour pin outs!) I am using twisted and double screened cable and the colours unfortunately dont quite match the standard so there is a bit of mixing going on. But I have made sure each motor is separate from the other as well as signals etc. There are quite a lot of plugs going into the Duet that need tidying, but the eternal tweaker in me likes the idea of being able to remove and change without having to totally rewire.

    I got the integrated ballscrews from Gary Higgins at Zapp Automation. I only used these for compactness in x and y, z has standard couplings). The linear rails came from RS and Zapp.


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