Leadshine 556 + DUET external driver

  • Hi, I'm new here and wanted to know if someone connected a DUET to driver Leadshine 556 or higher? Thank you.

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    Check out the documentation for connecting external drivers:


    You need to check the driver data sheet to see what the step and direction timing signals are and then you may need to use the M569 gcode to adjust these.


    The Duet signals are 3.3V, that works fine for many external drivers but some need a higher logic voltage /diffential signal. For that you need the expansion break out board:

  • I have experience using Duet and Leadshine EM705 stepper drivers.
    I had some nasty shifting problem that was related to the drivers.
    The problem was that the step pulse timing of the driver should be at least 5[us] (Read the datasheet) while the Duet can output pulses that are 1[us] or even less.

    But, the problem I had were long before Firmware 1.21 release.
    In firmware 1.21, David added an option to set the STEP and DIR pulses timing, using the command M569, so that makes the Duet more compatible with a variety of external drivers.

    Also, consider that 5[us] is relatively long pulse time, and this could limit your printer maximum print speed.
    (I use external drivers which require min 2[us] step pulse)
    It all depends on your axis steps-per-mm value.
    In case you have high steps-per-mm value, this will limit your printer maximum speed.

    The maximum speed can be calculated using this formula:
    v_max [mm/sec] = (10^6)/(2*MinStepPulseWidth[us]*StepsPermm)

    In regards to the signal voltage level, 3.3[V] worked just fine, although the specs require 5[V].


  • The layer shifting problem still exists in 1.21 on my leadshine ES-D508 even with all the timing parameters correctly setup.
    See https://www.duet3d.com/forum/thread.php?id=4855

  • @shen said in Leadshine 556 + DUET external driver:

    leadshine ES-D508

    Leadshine ES-D508 are Servo drivers, so I didn't understood if you are using Stepper motors or Step-servo motors.

    In case you are using stepper motors, I can suggest you an alternative stepper driver which is compatible with the Duet based on my experience.
    I do experience layer shifting from time to time, but I think in my case its related to the steppers torque curve.
    Also, I am experiencing jerky movement at circle/arcs, and I could not completely fix that by modifying the jerk and acceleration commands in the config file.

    I found out that using external drivers with the Duet does not give the same smooth movement as using the internal drivers.
    Nevertheless, I have printed many beautiful models at high speed.

  • They are steppers with encoders, and they use the same step and dir signal as regular stepper drivers.
    I recently switched to the internal drivers and regular steppers. For me the external drivers sounds much smoother at higher speed especially around curves. But with the internal drivers I got rid of a lot of components and wires from my printer, and I also get sensorless homing, so I'll probably keep it this way.

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