New Z-probe concept?

  • Hi!

    I'm wondering if this concept has already been tested?

    The idea is to mechanically bring a FSR or piezo sensor under the nozzle. I see several advantages, one of them is the nozzle never touch the bed, so even when heated up, it can't harm it. It also averages the measure over a small area, instead of just a spot.

  • It has in the sense that you can buy a single FSR mounted in a holder to manually stick over your nozzle and then probe. I'm not sure I've seen a deployable one and this is an idea which solves the problem that deployable sensors often have which is a lack of repeatability between probing sessions, as they do not always deploy to the exact same position.

    It would be interesting to see it working, also it might (without the sensor) make an interesting deployable ooze shield for multi nozzle setups.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    I have a FSR in my stock, so I will first try with this sensor. I need to find something to insulate the top of the FSR from the nozzle heat…

    About ooze shield, it is a good idea, but it would also require the nozzle to retract a little bit, or the shield will hit the printed part.

  • Thanks. I think that the FSR needs an additional plate on each side, so the pressure reaches all the surface, and not only the nozzle contact point…


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