Dead effector?

  • I scratched the strain gauge tracks of my old Smart Effector (a mounting bolt was too long), so I ordered a new one. I figured installation would be a breeze, just connecting the new effector into all the existing stuff.

    However, the smart part of the effector seems dead. The LED doesn't light up when I apply power. I have checked pin 6+8 of the 8-pin connector, and there's 3.3 V between them, as expected. When I measure between the GND and +3.3V pins of the unpopulated programming header, however, I get about 0.66 V. The schematic suggests I should get 3.3 there as well.

    Is my effector DOA? Anything else I can try to troubleshoot this?

  • When I connect the old effector to the 8-pin connector, it blinks, but when I connect the new one, nothing happens.

    And the old one does indeed measure 3.2 V between GND and 3.3V on the programming header. It does seem like the new one is DOA.

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    It does sound like the new effector has developed a fault since it was tested. Some easy things to check before you make a warranty claim:

    • Are all the pins of the 8-pin connector soldered in place? That connector has to be hand soldered, so it is possible that a pin has been missed.

    • Is inductor L1 (close to the 8-pin connector on the underside of the effector) properly soldered?

  • Wow, not a bad guess. Inductor L1 doesn't exist! There seems to be some solder on one of the pads, but the other one looks clean.

  • Actually, I think the pad that I thought looked soldered is gone completely.

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    Please contact your supplier ( if you got it directly from us) for a replacement.


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