Servo Tool change?

  • So i have started to make a simple toolchange that pretty much just going to move a plate with 2 bowden fittings so i can have 2 filaments with 1 hotend. or more later on.

    i have seen people connecting
    gnd and +5 v on pin 1-2 on expantion board.
    and signal to pin 21.

    is this correct?
    and then in the config if i understand correct. i should add.
    m307 H3 a-1 c-1 d-1

    and then to controll the servo motion with
    m280 p3 s10 T1?
    is this correct?

    so for example if
    "tool 1 is at 10degree of the servo i put in
    m280 p3 s10 T1

    and when chaning to to tool 2 i add
    m280 p3 s90 T1 (if the servo need to be 90degree for position 2?

  • administrators

    1. If it's a Duet WiFi or Ethernet, heater 3 is pin 8 of the expansion connector, not pin 21. But I'm not sure what you meant by "expansion board".

    2. If you are going to power a servo from +5V, connect a 220uF capacitor between +5V and ground. The reason is that servos dump a lot of power into the supply rail when they decelerate, and this needs to be absorbed to avoid over-voltage.

    3. If the servo control wire is being driven directly from the expansion connector, you need to invert the servo signal by using parameter I1 in each M280 command.

  • itΒ΄s my wifi board. and yes my plan was to power it from the expansion connector. not board. πŸ˜› blame it on im a swed πŸ˜›

    so pin 8 for signal. 220uf capacitor shoult not be that hard:D then i go on to stage 2 and wire it up after a visit to the hobby store.
    Thanks again dc πŸ™‚


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