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  • Can you please make a version of the board with no driver, just output step-direction-enable signals? - and with 15 or 20 channels, please.

    I am building a printer with the following configuration:

    6 Z-axis motors
    2 Y axis motors
    1 X axis motor
    1 nozzle rotation motor
    2 actuators to manipulate details on the printhead
    4 motors for feeding material

    I would like to add more stuff (like z-axis auto level) but I am limited in the amount of step/direction signals I can use.

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    Wow, that is going to be some printer! In the short term, given how Z bed levelling works, can you just use 3 Z motors (possibly more powerful ones on external drivers) and the use the on board steppers for the 4 extruders and one of the manipulators?

  • Well, they are actually all servo motors and not steppers. This is why I am asking for a driverless version, so I can add three or four breakout boards and have balanced step/dir/enable for up to 20 channels.

  • This is the printer:

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    Concrete printer V2! Why 6 independent Z motors?

  • @t3p3tony so I can do independent z-motor auto leveling, of cause, just like I do on my 300x300x450 printer. Home the machine, move head close to the leadscrews, change config to only move one motor, and auto-level that one, continue to all 6.

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    If your gantry is stiff then do you not need to do only 3 points? Slave the other three motors? Would that work?

  • I can do a manual calibration, as I have done until now, just saying that it would be nice with a version of the duet with more channels for future printer builds.

    Or at least one with all 10 channels available in one or two expansion plugs.


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    Got it! btw we have 12 channels (two more on the CONN_LCD) header.

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