Is my print about to fail?

  • Seems like the software has partially crashed. I've had this happen before where it becomes un responsive then stop but this looks different.

    Is my print about to fail 15 hours in?

    My PanelDuo started to show colored vertical lines, then checking the web console I see extrusion errors.

    Can I pause, reboot, home, resume?

    0_1523238371832_Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 6.40.19 PM.png

  • I think I know what happened but I'm still annoyed.

    I've had this thing stop printing on my before so seeing the screen garbled up I thought it was about to happen again. I think it was related to having even logging enabled and too many writes to the SD card.

    Here is where things went wrong... I touched the screen (with no images just lines) and heard a beep, I believe I changed the extruder from active to standby or off. After going to the web console I saw the errors but I already killed the print because it stopped extracting when I changed the mode of the extruder. FML

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