Tevo Tornado Upgrade

  • Hi All,

    Looking to upgrade my MKS RAMPS 1.4 on my Tevo Tornado (220v version), as I have been unable to get a working main board to control the hotbed (I get very high temperatures with nothing connected).

    I can see from the diagram that it would be just plug and play for most of the cables, but I am unsure about the heated bed.

    I think it runs off a AC mains going through a SSR and I wondered if I could simply connect the existing cables to the hotbed points on the Duet WiFi/Ethernet.

    Any support would be appreciated.


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    Can you post some information on how it is currently controlled.

  • It'll be the same set up as Tevo Little Monster I'm sure. You're right, there's an SSR in the power box. So just connect the 24V bed heater wires from the MKS, onto same points on the Duet board.

    The Duet then just controls the SSR (barely any current), bed current continues to flow through the SSR as before.

  • Hi.
    Please see the image file, check all yellow connections marqued on diagram.


    If you need more information, please provide us more details about your connected cables. Take and upload some photos to see details 🙂

  • @benkay Thanks for the information, as it looks like the same setup.

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