Heater fault when changing temp mid print

  • When I try and change my temp mid print I end up getting a heater fault that the temp rose too fast. I am only trying to go from 210 to 215, or 215 to 220. It isn't overshooting the target temp. Is there anything I can do which would fix this? I am running FW version 1.19 on the SeeMeCNC Artemis.

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    What is the exact message? There is a "temperature rising more slowly than expected" message that RRF produces, but not a message for temperature rising too quickly - unless SeeMeCNC added it in their fork.

  • I would have to reproduce it to get the exact wording, but it was something along the lines of the temperature rose faster than 0.7c/sec

  • Just wanted to follow up and see if the message around the temperature rising faster than 0.7C/sec is a message from the Duet firmware?

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    Duet reports temperature rising slower not faster than a certain amount. Can you reproduce the message?

  • Now I am second guessing that I was reading the error wrong in haste. I'm going through the SeeMeCNC branch for their fork of RepRapFirmware and don't see anything about the temp rising too fast. I'm not too versed on C++, where does the value for %.1f come from on this line from Pid.cpp...

    "Error: heating fault on heater %d, temperature rising much more slowly than the expected %.1f" DEGREE_SYMBOL "C/sec\n",
    heater, expectedRate);

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    It comes from variable expectedRate.

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