werid z starting printing much higher than anticipated...

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    @otaku521 g28 should produce the same results no matter if it is run from the command line or from a gcode file. Can you test it multiple times from the command line to assure repeatability.

  • I know... this is why it is weird....
    so far I am wondering if my config and other scripts are fine ?

  • @otaku521 Sorry if you already mentioned this, but I was having an strange issue like this to and it turns out my slicer (simplify3D) was setting the Z to be .18 for the first layer. If my z=0 was tuned to approx. .1mm off the bed, then it would be .28mm off the bed and the print wouldn't adhere.

    Just a thought, check out your gcode for the first layer and see what it sets Z to, then manually move the Z to the point it says after printing and you may see the gap. If so, then you need to either A adjust your slicer or your leveling. This is of course only assuming you are seeing what I am describing here.

  • @bpislife you are 0.1-0.2xx off.. while I am 1.xx off... this made me think otherwise....
    the only thing is I think is the 2mm PEI sheet on the bed not being correctly read by mini IR probe... so I am thinking of switching back to BL Touch and see

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    If the PEI sheet was not being recognised l would expect that to happen either way. I just had a thought though. Are you probing the bed in your prints but not when doing a normal test of G28?

  • I have the same issues and have been plagued by it since day one. I cannot resolve ... I initially chalked it up to inconsistency of the BL Touch, but the more I deal with the issue it seems to be some arbitrary value created by the firmware.

    I have to babystep in EVERY print - using a 5-6 perimeter skirt - and hope I can step it in in time before the actual part starts. Circles are particularly ominous to get right ... in time.

    If I dont get adhesion - then I get Elephants Foot [ alot ] as I err on the side of sticking this mother down.

    all this to say ... youre not alone.

  • @t3p3tony
    No... I only probe when everytime I start the machine doing my Macro above which calibrate my leadscrews (from 2... now 3 (just installed a Duex5) and then I do some prints from there on... but I don't start script all my prints to go calibration at the beginning since I got the Mini IR Probe (Switching out the BL touch)... (which was "PITA"...)

  • @sputnikoc3d

    Thanks! I think it is problem with PEI with IR...
    I used to have BL Touch on AnyCubic's Ultrabase... it was inconsistent... then I switch Mini IR with Ultrabase and it was a joy!.... then now with a bigger bed (420x320)... I have to cut my own PEI sheet (2mm) and now it literally drives me nuts!! (but PEI when printed on fine... it is very nice to use!)

    I am thinking of installing BL touch back... but I might be plagued by inconsistencies again.... OH THE JOY of 3D printing! XD

  • @otaku521 said in werid z starting printing much higher than anticipated...:

    then I switch Mini IR with Ultrabase and it was a joy!

    was it? No problems due to the hole-pattern? What color do you have under the Ultrabase?

  • @alexlin I never removed the sticker on the bottom... I just put it on top of my old MK3 200x200x3mm Alum bed and clip in with 4 binder clips... never had a problem... I am in process of tearing my old i3 clone and making another corexy


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