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  • I am building a Scara Arm Printer using the "4 Axis Scara Arm Robot" from Robotdigg. I received it today and getting it ready, my first question is about the end stop switches. There are two switches for each axis and they share the same common. Can I use the same common to connect to the Duet WiFi? If so which terminal will it be connected or shared to gnd or +? And do the terminals need an external jumper or are they internally connected?
    I tried to attach a photo but the file is to large for this forum???
    Thanks, Ed

  • First day progress. Removed fourth axis and motor, cleaned up wiring, mounted Duet WiFi and power supply, made connectors and attached steppers, configured software as cardisian and confirmed all 3 axis steppers work.
    Next - connect switches and configure as Scara.

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    @edkirk said in New Scara Arm Build:

    I tried to attach a photo but the file is to large for this forum???

    please do attached the photo - I have limited the size to 2mb so can you resize it to smaller?

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    If you look on the underside of the Duet, the pin at one end of each endstop connector is labelled GND. Connect the common endstop wire to that pin on one of the two endstop connectors that you want to use, and connect the other two wires to the pins at the opposite ends of those endstop connectors. Do not connect the middle pins of the endstop connectors to anything,

  • Edkirk,

    The best way to host images online without having to worry about size limits is to use a third party host, such was, then you can copy the direct link URL it gives and use [img] tags to post it.

    Good luck with the build!

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