M250 command not supported error ... what the ?

  • So my printer just started giving me a weird error whilst running some quick prints for extruder calibration cubes - perhaps its my Slic3r [ PE ] ...

    But my machine moves at a horribly SLOW speed and now way it will print. The pre print homing and wait for temps moves are agonizingly SLOW ...

    Going to re slice a few small models and re test - but what in the heck is up here ?

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    According to http://reprap.org/wiki/Gcodes the M250 command sets the LCD contrast. So it's irrelevant to RepRapFirmware which doesn't support the cheap LCDs that frequently have contrast setting issues. There is probably an option in slic3r PE to not generate that command. Perhaps it in the default start script, in which case you can just remove it. Anyway, the command won't do any harm except provoke a warning message.

    If movement is very slow, you probably have some of the maximum speeds or accelerations configured too low in config.g.

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