Repeating Notifications

  • I've noticed that I sometimes (haven't really been able to figure out a pattern, sorry) get repeat notifications. For example, if I get the print finished notification, and then try to do some stuff with the manual controls, every button press will get me another "print finished" notification. Does anybody know why this happens, or how to fix it?

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    Could you give a specific example. Also please confirm the version of firmware and DWC are using.

  • Hey guys.

    I experienced this for the first time yesterday to.
    The print had finished and as I moved the hot end around in DWC I kept getting the "print completed" message with the time taken etc.
    I'll have to check my web interface version number later.


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    This sounds like the known issue when you have 2 or more devices connected to the Duet using DWC and one of them goes to sleep without disconnecting first. It's mostly fixed in the 2.0 beta firmware.

  • @dc42 That fits pretty well. I often flip back and forth between my desktop and my laptop.

    I'll wait for 2.0 to sort it then.

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