what workflow system are you using?

  • Since Repetier and Duet dont seem to be a popular combo what are others using. For the last 4 years I have used Repetier Host which has Slic3r (and Cura) within the program. Bring the model in, slice it, gcode displayed along with visualization and editing capabilities, and print from the host, tune flow, temps, speed, fans, eeprom,etc,etc in real time. If I dont need to, or have already tweaked the gcode I can plug the the SD card into the printers control. So something similar except use DWC instead of the SD card. S3D seems popular. Is this simple to integrate in with the Duet and DWC and does it offer an all-in-one solution. Or, any other work flow systems others are using?

  • With my first printer, I did as you described -- used Repetier Host with the integrated Slic3r, printing over the USB connection.

    With the Duet, I slice separately (usually with Simplify3D, but I'm still playing the field), save the file on my computer, then copy it via WiFi and DWC to the Duet, and initiate the print from DWC. There are ways to automate taking the output from your slicer to the Duet, but since I use a hierarchy of subdirectories on my computer as well as a small hierarchy of folders on the Duet, I still do that copy process manually.


  • Thanks John. Have you looked into using Repetier with the Duet? It appears the mechanism is there to set up communication but I have yet to figure it out

  • I usually design my parts with Fusion360, use the integrated "Send to Cura" feature.

    In Cura I select my filament and profile, and then use the DuetRRF plugin to directly send the gcode to my printer and start the print.

    Once the print is done I get notified via a pushed notification on my phone.


    No separate STL files lying around.
    No separate GCode files lying around.
    No interaction with DWC required.

  • @resam How did you manage to get a push notification from the Duet?

  • @mloidl a Raspberry Pi is monitoring the Duet via a Telnet session and sends the notification once the printer switches from "Printing" back into "Idle" state.
    The Raspberry Pi is also doing my timelapse videos (layer-change synchronized) and webcam streaming.

  • @resam Thanks for this information. I will give it a try later when my printer is finished and working well.

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