E0 motor sometimes works sometimes doesnt E1 is perfect

  • So i finally debugged the XYZ and everything seemed to be working on prints that are 50x50x100mm but as moved to a larger print 200x200x150 mm half of the first layer wouldnt extrude no matter how high of a multipler so i took a spare extruder (im using these extruders (https://dyzedesign.com/shop/extruders/dyzextruder-gt-coldend-extruder-1-75mm-2/))and it seem that it literally did what ever it wanted to when i pressed extrude somtimes it would extrude correctly and sometimes it extrudes then quickly retract and sometimes it just stalls and sometimes it wont move. so I thought initially the current was set wrong and tested it with slightly higher and lower values then the ones that i have set for e1 and it did not fix anything. The crimps to connector looks perfect the next thing i will test is connecting the harness to an external driver and run it threw a pulse generator and see what happens. hopefully its not the harness cause it would be the 2nd time i replaced it and its quite a long run. just wondering could it be a busted driver on duet ? im using external drivers on the xyz so should i try a different driver on duet?

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    It's possible that you have a partially-blown E0 driver. Also check that the soldering on the pins of the E0 stepper motor connector looks OK.

  • In my experience a stepper motor that stalls easily and suddenly moves in a random direction is a good indication that one of the stepper coils is not connected or has a bad connection. How much of the wiring and connector are you not changing? If you plug everything including all wiring/connectors/motor that you plug in to E1 to the E0 port will it still have issues?

  • that would make since if it didnt work at all but im been printing perfect pacmans (50 50 100) size ones fine. i will swing by the lab to swap the connectors real quick and hopefully thats solves it and if it a bad driver whats the warranty processes >? i literally just got this board and impressed by it on all levels but the back up smoothieboard which i would switch to if i had to send it back is driving a self driving car haha. and i will check the joints in a moment too

  • So checked everything and everything seems to be good it now goes in one direction which is progress but i seriously dont get whats going in heres a picalt text
    it does extrude a little better using the x driver tho. Everything is autoleveled

  • @dc42 solders look fine heres a pic of them alt text

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    @yoyobob19, I didn't see a pic.

    I suspect a faulty (perhaps intermittent) E0 stepper driver, or possibly a bad connection on the Duet; but please post your config.g file first in case of a problem there.

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