Converting from SmoothieBoard to Duet Ethernet

  • I have started planning the conversion of my coreXY printer from SmoothieBoard with RRD GLCD to Duet Ethernet with Panel Due 7i.

    The electronics are sitting on top of the machine, and have always been butt-ugly. I'd like it to match the relative beauty of the rest of the machine as I do the Duet conversion. I'm planning to keep the electronics on top of the machine with the Panel Due hinged to fold down to protect the screen, or on a sliding mechanism that brings it out when needed and protects it inside the enclosure when the machine is being transported. I like to keep the controls out of sight when the machine is operating at Maker Faires, etc.

    I found a great CAD model of the Duet Ethernet board at grabCAD, but could not find any similar models for the Panel Due 7i, so I created a basic model in Fusion360 based on the drawings in the wiki and a few measurements. The Panel Due 7i model is here:

    I'll be doing some blog posts as the conversion progresses, and I'm looking forward to shooting some before and after video of the machine in operation, and hoping the TMC drivers will make the machine quieter.

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    I look forward to seeing how the UMMD runs on the Duet compared to the Smoothie.

    What was the main driver for switching over?

  • Timing... I had some foot surgery so I'm stuck at home for the next 3 weeks, and Tony Lock at Think3DPrintD sent me a Duet and Panel Due that arrived the day before the surgery.

    I'm having a little trouble moving around right now, so I sit at the computer with my foot elevated and plan. In a week or so, when I can move around more comfortably, I'll start the rewiring.

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