Upload error, why? Maybe i must format SD?

  • 1.21 Ethernet version.
    Everything is fine, but the 90% times than i upload file happen a error and i must do again.
    Some idea?
    My question is:
    In what format i must format the SD? FAT, FAT32, exFat?
    64kb or that?


  • administrators

    If you need to reformat the SD card, then for best results:

    • If the capacity of the card is 4Gb or less, select FAT16 format
    • If the capacity of the card is greater than 4Gb then you will have to use FAT32 format
    • In either case, use the largest cluster size possible, which is normally 64Kb.

  • I am using the SD than the DuetEthernet have, but finally i buy a new 4gb SD and with the new the problem is absolutely solved.

    Perhaps the ADATA brand is a wrong SD?

  • Possibly, but try M21, that would initialize the SD card.
    It happenned to me a few times and that usually work.

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