Using 8 wire steppers?

  • I assume this just means running 2 wires to each of the stepper pins on the duet, are there any concerns with doing this other than current?

    8-Wire Stepper Motors

    Some motors are also offered in 8-Wire configurations allowing for multiple wiring configurations depending on whether the motor's speed or torque is more important.*

    It is possible to connect an 8-wire stepper motor with the windings of each phase connected in parallel as shown in Figure 4. This configuration will enable better high speed operation while requiring more current to produce the rated torque. This connection type is sometimes known as parallel bipolar wiring.
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    You can connect the pairs of winding in either series or in parallel, whichever gives you the most suitable rated current and inductance. Parallel connection will give you double the rated current and one quarter of the inductance compared to series connection.

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