DC42 IR Probe - Only one time flashing and showing 1000

  • Hi all,

    I have bought my second Duet3D Wifi board because of my new printer (CoreXY) and this time I used DC42 IR Probe. I have successful upgraded to firmeware 1.21, so my homex and homey work very well.

    For the last two days I am trying to get the IR Probe correctly running but I am stucking there. When I start my duet board it looks like the red LED only flashing one time and of course I put the M558 to P1 but the zprobe value what I have got is only 1000 and it is slowly decreasing to 958 and stucking there. It change between 957 and 958. Also nothing happen when I put a paper below the IR Probe.

    I did it step by step according to dc42 guide: https://miscsolutions.wordpress.com/mini-height-sensor-board/

    The IR Probe is also showing no led light and when I try to homez I just get the message:

    Error: Z probe already triggered at start of probing move
    Error: G0/G1: insufficient axes homed

    Following the IR part of my config.g:

    M558 P1
    G31 X0 Y30 Z2.003 P500

    If I use Mode P2 then it is about 470-530 and the light at the probe is all the time red. But it dont seems that anything what I do, eg. put a paper below the sensor below, dont change anything.

    and the homez:

    G1 Z5 F800 S2
    G1 X120 Y125 F2400
    G1 Z2 F200

    So actually I am at the end of that what I know to check and maybe one of you guys could give me some help and support what I should do to solve this issue.


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    Check the ground connection between the IR sensor and the Duet. Also check visually that the ground (centre) pin of the IR sensor looks properly soldered to the PCB.

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