Filament change during Bed heating not working as expected

  • Hi,

    Yesterday i have found a really strange behaviour (maybe bug) on my duet.

    When i try to preheat my heat bed from the PanelDue (lets say to 40°C) and during the heat-up phase i want to load a filament, the hotend is reaching it's target temperature specified in the load-gcode but does not loading the filament until the bed reached it's target temperature (40°C).

    Since heating up my bed takes a long time (~10min to 65°C) it try to use this time for doing other stuff (like changing or loading the filament).

    Is this the desired behavior or i'm doing something wrong?

    my load.g:

    G10 S225 ; Set current tool temperature to 225C
    M116 ; Wait for the temperatures to be reached
    M291 P"Feeding filament..." R"Loading PETG" S0 T0 ; Display new message
    G1 E5 F600 ; Feed 10mm of filament at 600mm/min
    G1 E45 F3000 ; Feed 45mm of filament at 3000mm/min
    G1 E10 F300 ; Feed 15mm of filament at 300mm/min
    G4 P1000 ; Wait one second
    G1 E-5 F1800 ; Retract 5mm of filament at 1800mm/min
    M400 ; Wait for moves to complete
    M292 ; Hide the message
    G10 S0 ; Turn off the heater again

    I'm using RepRapFirmware 1.21 on a core-xy printer (Hypercube)

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  • @jackal

    Thank you for your response. I'll check it when i'm at home today.
    I'm pretty sure this is the problem.

    Best regards,

  • administrators

    The M116 command without parameters waits for all temperatures to be reached, including the bed. Use e.g. M116 P0 to wait only for the tool 0 heater(s) to reach operating temperature.

  • @dc42
    Just checked to documentation and sucessfully tested it with M116 P0.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Is there a command where just waiting for the tools (T0&T1) without waiting for the bed?

  • Moderator

    @zerspaner_gerd "Recent versions of RepRapFirmware also allow a list of the heaters to be specified using the 'H' parameter, and if the 'C' parameter is present, this will indicate that the chamber heater should be waited for."

  • @phaedrux Thank you for your prompt reply.

    So then

    M116 H1:2

    Will try it

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