Busted 7" screen - useful to anyone?

  • So over the weekend I managed to hit the side of my screen on the panel due. Broke the glass and the touch screen only works a small area. Display itself is fine, but without the touch portion, it's not much use to me.

    I suspect the glass and touch portion could be replaced, but I've got enough other projects to keep me busy. I've ordered a replacement already, so now the question is, is the screen useful to anyone else? I'd be glad to hand it over free of charge, assuming you pay for shipping. 🙂

  • Where are you located? Which screen is it

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    I would be interested if carriage to the UK from wherever you are isn't too expensive.

  • I have a couple LCDs with good glass but a jittery LCD I could sell for half off if someone wants to transplant.

  • I'm in Minnesota. Would be glad to ship it off to where ever, if you want to give me a town I could see what it would cost.

    It's the 7" screen from filastruder, it's the one marked for use with the paneldue on their site.

  • Tim, if you want this one back to attempt a transplant, you're welcome to it.

  • I wouldn't feel comfortable selling a transplanted screen as new, and I already use "B-grade" screens on personal machines. But I appreciate the offer!

  • Tim, right on, that's what I was wondering if you might want it for personal use. 🙂

    Dave, if you are still interested, I'd be glad to ship it off on my dime as a small thanks for your help here and in the 3d printing community as a whole. So if you want to send me an address to chris@roadfeldt.com, I will get it sent off.

    Qdeathstar / anyone else, the offer is still open, just say dibs and shoot me an address.

  • Cool, it's sold! 🙂

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