The AX NPN inductive probe

  • Are these type of inductive probes compatible with the duet, I do have BX variant coming in soon.

    I know i covered this in a previous post, but that diagram i created didn't work.

    I tried all three different diodes on the probe, and yet it seemed as though the signal wasn't being picked up.

    So i tracked back to an idea presented on another website where the signal and power(12v) are linked to together using a 10k OHM resistor, and a diode is connected in line with the signal connector.

    I gonna try this any way.

    But please let me know.

    Love the learning curve as i can now solder.

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    Please provide a link to the datasheet for the inductive sensor that you want to use.

  • @dc42
    detection range: 4mm±10%
    set detection: 0~3.6mm
    standard detection object: Iron 15×15×1mm
    response frequency: DC:0.5Hz AC:25Hz

    its a 300ma, NC type of probe

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    You can use both PNP and NPN inductive sensor with the Duet, see

    In the M558 command, use I1 if using an NPN output NO or a PNP output NC sensor. Use I0 (or omit the I parameter) if using a NPN output NC or a PNP output NO sensor.

  • @dc42 OK is omit I0/I1 the same as not including in the line.

    I tried that i.e. m558 with the I1 and without it no luck

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