Simplify 3d Start Script

  • Hi,
    I have start up script in simplified 3d, however sometimes its being honored and sometimes its not. So far two different prints and both times the start up script did not initiate.

    the start up script includes: g32 command followed by the g29 s1 command whilst the end script is about homing the x axis and move the y axis closer ready for the print to be taken of the bed.

    When the script was activated the bed leveling was perfect(performed using the BLTouch), at the end of the print the end script is activated as expected.

    Please help.

  • S3d puts those scripts in via a "process". S3d is a little wierd about processes, sometimes.

    Therefore, the very first step is to open the "whatever.gcode" file in a text editor and verify that the scripts really got included. For the start script, S3d puts in a bunch of comments, lines that start with ";", at the very beginning of the gcode. The start stuff will be after that.

    End script is, of course, very near the end.

    Anyway, that's worth verifying.

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