delay before z-probing with G29?

  • Hi
    I have installed the Orion piezo and it works . When performing G29, the first 6 point are probed, then it will always trigger before probing at 1 specific point on the bed (left,back, point number 7)....I think this has to do with some more movement due to the cable at that it possible to pause a bit in G29 before probing, to let it stabilize...couldn't find a parameter for that. When doing G30 at the problem x,y point it always probes correctly

  • Have you tried adding the R parameter to M558? I'm using a .9 second delay to let settle between moves.

    M558 P5 I1 R0.9 F360 T1000 A3

  • to be honest I haven't since it stated
    "Z probe recovery time after triggering, default zero ", i.e after I was looking for stabilizing it before triggereing. But I'll give it quick go

  • I think it might by a typo because it sure looks like a delay "before" probing when I watch it.

  • would make more sense yes

  • so long so good with R0.9

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