E3D V6 threaded sink pitch

  • Does anyone know for certain the pitch on the E3D threaded V6 sink? I don't see it called out on the drawing. It was mentioned here that it "might" be 1.0mm, though that's finer than common for an M12 (at least per the references I have here in the Colonies).

    Mine is currently assembled on my Smart Effector, and I'm hoping to not have to take it apart for the measurement.


  • Hopefully you will find the correct answer here: https://e3d-online.dozuki.com/c/V6_Drawings

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    AFAIR it's 1.25mm on the heatsinks that E3D made for us, however I think they changed to 1.75mm for the heatsinks they made later for general release.

  • Pretty sure it is a M12 fine 1.5mm pitch on the release ones the first betas were 1.75 pitch

  • Thanks, everyone. Sorry for the delay in replying - apparently I don't have my profile set to let me know when I've received a response to a posting.

    Thanks for the link, John, but that's my point - the pitch isn't stated on the drawing (unless I'm blind).

  • As far as I know it is M12x1.5.
    That is what I use in all my designs.

  • Thanks, Dougal1957 & Lykle. That's exactly what I just received from E3D themselves:

    "Our threaded heatsinks have a M12x1.5 thread. Duet initially ordered some M12x1 for their smart effector, but when they run out of this first batch they will then use our standard M12x1.5."

    Lykle - I like your SideWinder design. I have a foggy, long-term idea of vertically stacked printers (cartesian or coreXY), and the SideWinder would greatly reduce the otherwise wasted overhead clearance the filament would require.



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