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  • If I make changes in the user interface and click apply, the changes take place but if I close and then reopen the program all settings go back to default.
    E.g. I am trying to configure a web cam, I can enter the settings but the next time I open the control panel they have disappeared. The same thing happens with other settings such as fan controls etc.
    If I try to clear the cache I get a 'no entry sign' as well.
    I have reloaded both the latest Duet firmware and the web interface firmware (both V2.1) and there is no change.
    Can any one help please.

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    Chrishamm can answer this better than I can, however I know that DWC uses HTML5 local storage to store the settings. So make sure that it is enabled in your browser settings. Some browsers use the cookies on/off setting to enable/disable HTML5 local storage too.

  • I normally us Chrome and have reset the settings to defaults and also tried using Edge and still get the same results as before.

  • The free chrome plug-in "Local Storage Manager" may help give you insight as to what is going on.

  • I have downloaded the suggested extension and can see that the settings data is recorded but not retained when the Duet interface is closed down. I have also deleted the Chrome default profile and allowed it to build a new one but the problem still persists. (the option to clear data on close down in Chrome settings is not enabled).
    Any other suggestions welcome.

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    Perhaps you have disabled cookies?

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    Can you try creating a new user profile on your computer and testing from that account?

  • Try:


    In the omnibox. Even though it says "cookies" there are settings on that page that affect local data as well. They are fairly self explanatory.

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    @dc42 Just curious is there a reason that the settings are not persisted to the SD card?

  • @msquared The next DWC release will do exactly that:

    DWC settings are uploaded to and downloaded from the Duet board by default


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    There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. You might want to use different settings on a smartphone or tablet compared to a PC, and with the settings stored on the SD card, you won't be able to do that.

  • OK I Have tried most of the suggestions and checked settings again. I toggled all relevant settings in Chrome on and off and deleted all the cookies and tried again. Now I can see the Duet cookie in Chrome settings and if I make changes to DWC, apply settings and then close Chrome and re open DWC, the settings are retained BUT just one time!

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    Are you sure you don't have "Keep local data only until you quit your browser" enabled in Chrome?

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