Dual printing using a Y Splitter

  • Hi,

    I'm using a rostock max V3.2 with a y Splitter at the hot end.
    I'm be able to to choose between T0 and T1 but I can't make it retract and advance for the other filament to get it.

    Tried using tfree0.g, tpre0.g, tpost0.g files, in order to tell the printer to retract the filament.

    I don't know how make the printer to tell t1 to go in when t1 is selected (and after t0 was retracted) and tell t1 to retract when t0 is selected.

    I tried creating files called tfree1.g but there would not be a command to call them.

    How do you suggest to solve it?

  • I just got my tfree/pre/post working over the weekend, so this might help:

    EDIT: David corrected my info in the following post 🙂

    I'm not currently home so I can't post my code.

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    @superjett said in Dual printing using a Y Splitter:

    When you issue T1, first the printer runs tfree1.g which would likely be raise the nozzle/move off the print, then runs tpre1.g which I use for my retract sequence, then finally tpost1.g is run which is where T1 is finally selected and you can purge the old material. If you try to purge in tfree or tpre, there isn't a tool selected so you'll get an error.

    Not quite right. When you issue T1, if another tool is active at that time then the tfree file for that tool will be run (not tfree1.g), e.g. tfree0.g will be run if tool 0 was active. Then tpre1.g is run, then tool 1 is set to active, then tpost1.g is run.

    The tool change files will not be run if the printer has not been homed. Also, if the tool number in the T command is already active, no tool change files will be run. You can also use the P parameter on the T command to suppress running some or all of the tool change files.

  • @dc42 Thanks a lot! Works perfecto now!

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