Doubts about mesh compensation

  • Hi,

    I have doubts about the use I am making of the bed compensation, I mean. The procedure that I usually use, when I change something from the bed or the Nozzle, is the following:

    1- I turn on the printer
    2- Home the printer (using Homedelta.g)
    3- Calibration of the bed.
    4- Adjust the point Z = 0
    5- Execute a Compensation of the bed.
    6- Print

    • To use the compensation of the bed, I have included "G29 S1", at the end of the file HOMEDELTA.G ", which leads me to think that I am not using the last" HEIGHTMAP.CSV ". Do not?

    When print i use the "HEIGHTMAP.CSV", which is generated in the last compensation of the bed.
    If this is so ... Which method do you recommend to me to make sure that I use "HEIGHTMAP.CSV" more recently, the one that has been generated point 5.

    It occurs to me to put "G29 S1" in the star Gcode of the Slicer, but this has a problem, which I can not check if the "HEIGHTMAP.CSV", manually using the DWC.

    What is the solution for:

    A- Make sure I use the last "HEIGHTMAP.CSV"
    B- Be able to check it before printing, with the movements you make in the DWC

    Thank you

  • Hi
    Heighmap.csv is file, isnt it? So you use one and only Heighmap.csv, cos you cant have many files with same name in same folder.

  • Yes, its the file of gridmap

  • administrators

    If you run G29 S1 it will load the heightmap.csv file unless you use the P parameter to specify an alternative filename.

    You can check that mesh bed compensation is enabled using M122. Look for "Bed compensation in use: mesh" in the report.

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