Speed, Accel and Jerk values

  • Hi all,
    I am trying to get my delta to print fast and with good quality (isn't everyone!). I was hoping some of you with working deltas would be able to share the values for your speed, Acceleration, and Jerk. Obviously all printers are not created equal but was hoping for some base values that i could start at.

    Also what should the accel and jerk values be on my titan extruder? Should they just match what I have for the 3 towers?


  • I don't use a titan extruder, so I don't have any idea for that, but for my delta (which has a heavy effector due to direct drive extruder) I use these values as a compromise between speed and quality, leaning heavily towards quality:

    Accel: X,Y: 1000 mm/s/s, Z: 200 mm/s/s
    Jerk (Max instantaneous speed change): X,Y: 480 mm/min, Z: 200 mm/min
    Feedrate: 60 mm/s default feedrate, 110 mm/s travel moves, slowing down the feed on the outer perimters to as low as 24 mm/s depending on the model. (smooth curves can go faster, hard corners need slow downs to prevent ringing).

    For my extruder, I do not use the same accel or jerk settings on the extruder. The accel is 2400 mm/s/s, and the jerk is 120 mm/min. Max E speed of 5 mm/s

  • For delta-printers RRF uses these settings for carets (steppers) or for effector?

  • For the effector.

  • Thanks bot! That helps a lot and will give me a good place to start.

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