Slic3r Prusa G-Code Flavor

  • I am using Slic3r Prusa 1.39.1-prusa3d-win64.
    Duet Wifi 1.21 Firmware 1.21 Server Version, 1.21 Web Interface

    I am trying to print a muli-color butterfly with prime tower and hardware retraction.
    No custom G-Code for tool change,start,stop,etc

    If is use G-code flavor RepRap/Sprinter then I get a ton of
    Error: M900 command is not supported
    Error: M907 command is not supported

    Other choice are not mutch better
    Repetier (Can not use Wipe Tower), only supported for Marlin, RepRap/Sprinter)
    Marlin (Can do all) Get the same M900 and M907 errors
    Smoothie (Not tested)
    No extrusion (Can not use hardware Retraction), only supported by Marlin, Smoothie, Repeiter, MachineKit)

    and may more

    Any idea on what G-code flavor I should use.

    Or do I need to use another slicer

  • RepRap/Sprinter is fine for Slic3R PE and Duet - I use it all the time. The problem is the M900 and M907 commands because they aren't supported in RepRap firmware. My best guess is that it's because you've enabled wipe tower and/or ooze prevention and that's where the M900 and M907 commands are coming from. I'd say it's likely that Mr Prusa has decided to use those commands in his specific version of firmware. The other thing that might cause issues is if you have ticked any of the boxes in "Output Options" - leave them all unticked".

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