Problem with uploaded stl file

  • Hi there,

    when i upload a stl file (drag and drop on the upload button)
    the duet goes crazy, i get then a http error and the duet can not connect anymore.

    i must power off a couple of minutes to activate the duet again.

    are there more people have this?

  • Why are you uploading an STL file?
    The Duet requires g-code files to print. You need to use a software to slice your STL models into g-code.

  • i know

    but is er no protection or warning?

  • Yeah, the protection is when it goes crazy. Try sending an .EXE file or .HTML as your next test.

  • It was not a test. I select the wrong file.
    But then i het problems with the board.

    I though maybe is it a good Idea to protect that OR something.

    I dont think i AM the first one that select a stl file 😉

  • Probably would be a good idea to have some error rejection built in to the upload function. Maybe this can get moved to the DWC/firmware wishlist section?

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