Turning off heater fault detection

  • How do I turn off heater fault detection? I keep having them even after tuning the hot end a few times. I have spent enough time trying to fix an issue; to me this is a firmware design weakness if the problem is so common it has its own wiki page. I just want to print and I will take my own risks running without them. How do I do this?

    My fault is a "temperature rising too slowly for 1.X C/sec".

  • While I am not sure how to turn it off, your problem might be that you are not saving the values that were generated in the M303 command. This was a problem for me at one point.

    Did you send an M500 command after performing the M303? If so do you have an M501 in you config file?

    M501 will use the config override file, which is where the values are saved when you send an M500 after performing M303. Make sure M501 is near the end of config.g.

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