Help with steppers

  • Hi All,

    I got my Duet Wifi in fall of 2017 and I'm just now finally getting around to hooking it up and I have a few problems.

    My printer started out as a Folgertech FT5 and I have modifed it quite a bit. It now has a 24V power supply. I installed a SSR and a bigger bed heater. Replaced the control board with Duet Wifi, PT100 and PanelDue.

    Here the issues Im having.

    The X stepper just vibrates instead of turning the toothed wheel. More voltage? Im not sure why its doing this. Belt tension is pretty loose.

    The Z stepper always moves down (away from print head) no matter which direction I tell it to go.

    Y Stepper....I get "error short-to-ground on drivers 1". I've checked and double checked the wiring and recrimped the molex that goes to the board. No luck with that.

    Help with these issues is appreciated.


  • Any thoughts?

  • Your get the "error short-to-ground on drivers" error when your cabling is wrong, this usually means swapping a pair on the connector. Try to measure your pairs resistance with a multimeter.

  • administrators

    If you power the printer down, unplug the Y motor, then power it up and try to move the Y axis again, do you still get the message?

    Also check that the back of the board isn't shorting against anything.


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