Change of Webfronted default settings in config possible ?

  • Hi,

    on older firmwares on the duet 0.8.5 it was possilbe to edit some files on the SD card to have e.g. the language setting and some more GUI settings set
    permanently. With the new web GUI everything is placed in a .bin file. ( Not sure if this was the modell.js or the language.xml file)

    I miss the possiblility to change the default language and some GUI behavior. I start always with Englisch and ATX power controll missing.

    Is there still a way to say the GUI the default settings ?
    Anyone who can provide a hint to me ?

  • It would be nice if the web interface saved its settings server-side instead of in client-side storage. There are obviously endpoints for uploading and downloading files, so there should be nothing technical preventing this 🙂

  • You can down DuetWebControl from
    Edit the files as desired and build it with the script

  • administrators

    Server side setting storage is a feature request for RRF/DWC -

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