Using a mirror as toolplate

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    Do you think it is possible to use a mirror as toolplate, with a silicone pad stick on the bottom, and a magnetic sheet stick on the top, to make a removable bed?

    I guess it is possible to glue something in the corners of the mirror to mount it on the bed structure...

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    @fma While I use a MIC-6 aluminum tooling plate as my heat spreader / heated bed I do use mirrors that I purchased from Home Depot as my "glass" and affix PEI/Printbite/gluestick to them as required. They seem to be reasonably flat and have been working out great for me. One negative thing I will say is that the mirror backing causes significant heat drop when compared to standard glass.

    I would be concerned about using a mirror without a heat spreader primarily due to potential warping / breakage if the glass didn't heat evenly.


  • Have you heard of Richard Horne AKA RichRap? A great name in te Reprap world. He's been an advocate of using mirror glass for many years.

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    Yes you can use mirror, but ordinary float glass is usually just as good.

  • Ok, I'll give it a try. I have some optical mirror, very very flat, 4mm; I think it will be a good candidate.

    PS: BTW, I'm using mirrors as build plate for years, but never eared to use them as main structure, instead of aluminium. That's why I asked.

  • @fma I wouldn't do that. It's very important to use a heat spreader to prevent local hot spots.

  • Wires on the silicone pad are 5mm from each other, which is not bad. I will put the pad on the tin side; it may help a bit...

    Let's try ;o)

  • @Ian, I will have a magnetic sheet stick on the top, and a metal sheet as removable plate; so I don't think there will have any hotspot on the print surface...

  • I'm using a 6mm thick glass tabletop, with the heater stuck directly on the bottom. No aluminum layer at all. Per IR thermometer, very even. Also heats much more quickly than I would have thought. Takes a while to cool...

    alt text

  • How is you glass maintained on the frame?

    I made a quick test using silicone-based glue to stick it on MDF, and it seems to work great (I have 10mm free arround the silicone pad). Silicone glue can handle up to 200°C.

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