M203 Max Speed

  • M203 Max speed, does this override the Default Printing Speed in the Simplify3D slicer?

  • Let me change how I asked the question:
    What settings do I need to change so I can speed up my Delta printer. Are these settings in both Slicer and Duet firmware?
    One of the reasons i built a Delta was for speed and size of prints.
    I have a Qidi Tech X-One (Cartesian) which prints at the same speed as the Delta I built.

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    The M203 setting is the never-exceed-speed. So it should be higher than your printing speed and travel speed settings in slic3r. A typical value for a delta would be 12000mm/min i.e. 200mm/sec. Don't set it so high that your printer starts to skip steps when you command movement at maximum speed.

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