Duet 2 WiFi Disconnecting

  • A new Duet3D, my first one. Followed the initial setup using a Windows computer.
    The problem:- "A communication error was reported, so the current session has been terminated. Please check your board and try to connect again." This happens all the time.
    Spent a few hours searching the troubleshooting guides. Disabled 5Ghz on the modem and signal went from -56 to -44dBm, but no effect. The M122 diagnostics seem good.
    Curiously, disconnection always occurs at a time finishing in 54 seconds i.e. hh.mm.54 seconds - so a connection never lasts longer than a minute.

    Update: I suspect it is a Windows problem as when I used an Android Tablet (including simultaneously with Window Laptop using either Firefox of Edge) Duet on Android seems to stay connected whilst disconnected in a Windows Browser.

  • administrators

    We recommend using either Chrome or FireFox browser under Windows. last time I tried Edge it was mostly working but there were a few glitches. However, that was some time ago, so they might have been resolved since then.

    The "54 seconds" observation is interesting!

    Which firmware and SWC versions are you using? Look on the Settings General page of DWC to find out.


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