5V external power

  • I've searched through the forums but didn't see a clear answer for the following question.

    I want to power my Duet's wifi via USB so that it stays powered on, and I can control the rest of the 12V power via a RFC receptacle. What isn't clear is that I don't have an ATX PSU, and don't care to switch at the moment.

    Do I need to move the jumper from INT 5V EN to EXT 5V EN? Or is that only for something ATX specific, and the USB is separate? The documentation in the start up wiki isn't totally clear, so I just wanted to make sure.
    Unless you plan to provide an external 5v source, you should at this time check that there is a jumper on "INT 5V EN" and NOT on "EXT 5V EN".

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    No you don't need to move the jumper, you can use internal 5V power when VIN is applied and it will draw power from USB otherwise.

  • @dc42 excellent, thank you very much for all of your help!

    I'm really enjoying the Duet interface and the overall experience.

  • Are there any advantages to supply an extra 5V external power in?

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    @kuhnikuehnast the on board 5V circuit (2A) provides sufficient power for a 7 inch PanelDue (the biggest "normal" current draw, along with the 3.3V regulator and other bits and bobs. If you have a large 5V power budget then you might want to provide external 5V power. Off the top of my head the only way this is likely to happen is if you are powering something unusual (like a raspi model B) along with everything else or you have a lot of high current 5V fans or something.

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