How much cooling required?

  • I would like to switch from my Ramps 1.4 setup with TMC 2130 drivers to Duet3D. Right now I'm having constantly issues of the TMC drivers overheating. I even added a 200mm PC fan at 2000RPM to cool down the board but it doesn't help at higher speeds.

    As the DuetWifi board is using the same drivers I'm wondering how much cooling is required? In the end I would like to improve my delta printer to a 100mm/sec speed which requires an acceleration of probably 3000+ units/don't know 🙂 Let's say I would like to stress my standard chinese Nema17 steppers as much as I can.

    So what do you guys think? How much cooling does the DuetWifi need?

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    @adras The Duet uses TMC2660 drivers which havea significantly higher current rating than the TNC2130, also they are mounted on a larger area of 4 later PCB unline plug in drivers. More info here:
    however you may find that with the Duet you do not need active cooling, it depends on your motor current and ambient temperature in the board enclosure.

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    Typically the Duet doesn't need fan cooling unless either you are running the motors at 2A current or higher, or it is in an enclosed space with poor ventilation.

  • Cool, thank you guys

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