After a print, insufficient axis homed

  • Hi to all

    I've just upgraded my DuetEthernet from 1.18.2 to 1.121 after nearly a year without any flaw.

    I had some issues with the PT100, the homing scripts and the probing, but solved thanks to the forum.

    So the printer is up and running within the afternoon.

    I've done a test print, went fine, but at the end of the print, all the axis were not homed anymore.

    I had to do a G1 Z100 S2 to move the printbed down, as I was getting a G0/G1 insufficient axis homed error.

    Any clue ?


  • I assume you're switching off your motors using M84 after the print.

    In this case the axes are not homed any more.

  • Is there an M18 at the end of your print gcode file? Or M84?

  • Hi
    Yes there is an M84 at the end of my S3D end script....

    It was already the case before upgrading, but without any issues.
    I believe it's due to the change in the G0/G1 implementation with the new version.

    So I will correct my end scripts.

  • administrators

    M84 and M18 have always flagged the axes as not homed. What's new is that by default you can no longer do a normal move on an axis that is flagged as not homed.

  • Thanks Dave !


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