Strange corner on cube

  • Not really a duet problem but there are some really clever people here that im hoping can help me heres my problem. 0_1526675650171_received_10156431794344592.jpeg Im getting this really strange result when printing a cube. All the corners are nice and sharp except this one and its got me baffled. When looking closely it looks like the corner is trying to curl up but its fine at the bottom and at the top and the bottom0_1526675661881_received_10156431794509592.jpeg

  • @monster-delta

    lack of cooling. Increase cooling or reduce speed print if it's already cooled. The fact that it's only on 1 corner is certainly due to the pattern your slicer made or if you've got something like reaction between layer and retraction settings a bit too low it could stall the hotend to this corner for too long.

  • Hi I'm already printing at 190° the print is being cooled and I've tried printing slower but it makes no difference. If it was due to heat or cooling wouldn't i see it on all 4 corners. The retraction is done on the opposite corner

  • what's the orientation of your cooling fan compare to this corner ? did it run at 100% ?

    I've printed a test cube 2 weeks ago while re-working my cooling and I had exactly the same effect.

    Try to print it again but rotate the piece by 45 degree, if it cooling orientation you'll see it right away.

  • Ok got it sorted turns out the fan was cutting out as the nozzle aproached that corner and kicking back in as it moved away due to a loose wire

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