Heater 0 arrived nonresponsive

  • I just received my board a week ago from the lovely folk from Ultibots. It took me a while to get it of the ground (it seems the instructions strongly favor Windows over lyx and Mac) but once the web interface was on, I loved the board. The best and easiest to set up I've seen. Except for one small thing. The heater 0 came in what seems to be hardware dead. It showed error from day one and I could never measure any trace of voltage despite several reflashing of various versions of the firmware. Heater 1 works, but unlike the bed heater that works flawlessly, heater 1 often overshoots the temperature by yes this is not a typo whopping 150 degrees Celsius before firmware deems it defective and turns it off. While I am using a 12v heater on a 24v system, I've done this successfully in Marlin, Smoothieware by setting frequency to 25% and never had a similar issue. (BTW, the same thing happens when I use a 12V supply and even when I use external mosfet and 12v supply.) Now the question: I suspect heater 0 is a hardware issue that is beyond fixing. How to test this definitively? I also suspect that there is a software fix to heater 1. Any ideas what to do? I am happy to share settings and screenshots. #heater malfunction, #board defects, #software fixes

  • I'll leave the troubleshooting to others, but just want to say:

    @dsarenac13 said in Heater 0 arrived nonresponsive:

    While I am using a 12v heater on a 24v system

    Do not do this. All it takes is a FET failure a firmware hang, or any one of a number of other issues to cause a fire.

  • I was just putting in a 24V heater. Thanks for the heads up.

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    I'm sorry that you appear to have received a board with a faulty heater output. Please ask Ultibots to replace your Duet.

    The massive temperature overshoot on the other heater is because you are using a heater that is over-powered by 4x and you haven't run heater tuning.

  • Thanks a lot for your response. I really appreciate your work and am looking forward to using this superb tool in its full glory. By far the best and easiest to operate board of many I had.

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