Editing macros with iPad

  • Would it be possible to get an “edit” button on the macros page? I’d like to be able to edit the macros from my iPad but pressing and holding brings up the Safari right click menu and doesn’t allow you to edit. At least that’s what’s happening for me.

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    Are you using DWC 1.21 or an older version? Editing macros works ok for me using Chrome (this is not on an iPad).

  • I’m using 1.21. Editing macros works fine using Safari on the iMac but not on the iPad. Editing in the ‘system folder works well. Let me take a closer look.

    Ok, I’ve rechecked. Touching a file name in the /sys folder opens that file for editing. Doing the same in the /macro folder asks if you want to execute the file.

  • This is the normal behaviour, when selecting the macro, touch and hold a bit longer and select edit from the menu that appears...

  • @whosrdaddy I’m aware that is how it is supposed to work. However, a prolonged touch on either page brings up a menu for Safari that contains the items, ‘Open’, Open in New Tab’, ‘Open in Split View’, ‘Add to Reading List’, ‘Copy’, ‘Share...’

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    FWIW, on my Android tablet if I touch and hold the macro filename, the right-click menu pops up with entries Run macro, Download, Edit, Rename and Delete. So perhaps this is a Safari/iPad thing?

  • I’m pretty certain it’s an iPad/safari issue which is why I asked about adding a button. It would give an alternate way of doing it without a lot of overhead. For consistency it might be good to add it on the /sys page as well. Then a person could check the box next to the file name and click edit.

    I do find it interesting that the one page defaults to executing the file while the other defaults to editing the file. That might give. A clue to what is going on.

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    Those defaults are the way DWC is set up, so nothing strange there.

    A search on "right click safari" reveals that this problem is indeed a Safari bug/feature.

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    @mperdue I have moved this to the DWC wish list. In the mean time can you use Chrome on the ipad?

  • @t3p3tony i can use Chrome if I have to. Currently I just walk upstairs and do it on my iMac. The exercise isn’t going to kill me. 🙂

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