• Hi Guys,
    I would like to use C14 Inlet Module on my Power supply, but would like to use two different on/off switches,

    I.e. C14 Inlet Module that enables the power but doesn't switch the printer on.
    and another on/switch that actually powers the printer on.

    Also looking to add emergency off switch for when the extruder stops extruder, or the z axis crashes into the bed

    the switch are as follows:
    2pcs On/Off Mini Miniature Toggle Flick Switch Metal Car Dash Dashboard SPST

    Red NC N/C Red Mushroom Emergency Stop Push and Lock Button Switch 10A 22mm

    C14 IEC Fused and Switched Inlet Plug Chassis

    would there be any forseeable issues with the settup.

    Also looking to add a wifi emergency off at a later date i.e. so that i could cut the power at any point.

    Can any one provide a copy paste answer if possible.


  • There is documemtation on adding a software implemented e-stop on the wiki. The more thorough implementation of an e-stop is using it to directly (or indirectly via relays but hard wored) cut the mains supply to the PSU supplying the V-IN or the DC side.

    Switching on the DC side typically involves higher current and so needs meatier components. AC side os lethal voltages.

    Why have two power switches? You can get kettle lead sockets that just have a fuse.

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