Switching Bed.g files

  • Hi all,
    Is there a way to easily switch between bed.g files?
    I have a bed that is 320 mm diameter.
    Every now and then I put a steel plate with Buildtak on it. The buildtak is only 200x200 mm square
    So I want to use different probe points.

    This means two Bed.g files, right? Or can I define different probe points in the same file and with a parameter do 1 check or the other?
    I know, it is probably a very rare issue, but still, I have to ask.
    I was thinking of switching out the files, but that is cumbersome.

  • administrators

    The only thing that is special about bed.g is that it is run in response to a G32 command. So you can create additional files with the same structure and invoke them as macros using M98.

  • The other thing you might want to add to that macro (or another macro) is to redefine the bed size (axes minima and maxima) using M208. Just a thought….....

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