How I run DWC like it's a separate application (Windows 10)

  • I'm a tab hoarder. A lot of people are these days. My browser is currently using in excess of 4gb of ram, and that's much lower than normal. Finding my Duet tab in all that mess is difficult, so I tried to figure out a solution, that didn't just involve using another browser. Fortunately, there is just such a solution for Chrome. It results in a permanent, separate icon on the taskbar for Duet Web Control, and even a custom icon so I know instantly where to click to bring it up. There's even the potential of colour coding the icons, so you can run multiple printers at once.


    As you can see above, I'm using a Duet like logo on the taskbar, and I have a variety of other Chrome icons on the taskbar. The way to do this is is:

    • Hit the ... button
    • Hit settings
    • Manage other people
    • Add person
    • Choose a name and an icon
    • Hit add

    Now you have a new browser window. Load up Duet Web Control in that.

    I prefer to set the following:

    • ...
    • settings
    • Continue where you left off

    And in order to have a custom icon replace the chrome icon as I have:

    • Right click the new user shortcut on your desktop (chrome creates these automatically)
    • Select properties
    • Change icon
    • Pick an icon - link to the icon I made.

    It's trivial to change it's colour.

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    @mortarart thanks for the tip!

  • Maybe if you guys had an official '.ico' file about that could be hosted without having to use some third party page?

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