New board faults

  • I have just received a duet ethernet board, before doing anything I checked the soldering etc.
    There are 3 faults!

    Capacitor c111 is soldered between one of its connections and one of the resistor next to it.
    Capacitor c104 is only soldered on 1 side as it is misplaced.
    There is a large amount of white paste around the area of c53 c60.

    Is this a problem?




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    @micktol That is not great 😕

    I am very sorry you have received a board in this state. Please can you contact your supplier (or me by email if you bought it directly from us) and arrange a warranty replacement. you can reference this thread.

  • @T3P3Tony It never occurred to me to doubt the quality of the board in the first place.

    Now I have looked at it and I found a couple of solder pads where no components are actually soldered to but I have no idea where to check whether this is intentionally or a fault (certainly I had no issues with my board so far, so at least I guess these are missing by definition).
    Instead of spamming this thread could you please tell me where I can find if and what components are supposed to be missing on a Duet Wifi that have declaration on silk screen and solder pads prepared?

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    @wilriker There are a number of DNP 0603 resistors, they are annotated on the schematic:

  • @t3p3tony Thanks! I will take my printer apart tomorrow (this is a planned activity 😉 ) and as part of that I will closely examine the board and compare it to the documentation regarding DNP. I do not expect anything unusual as my board worked flawlessly as long as I have it (about a month) but this thread now got me started. 😁

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    @wilriker a quick summary to save you time:

    R73, R74,R75,R76 close to the SD card, along with the JTAG port and associated resistors, R35,R49,R52
    these can all be seen in the image above

    R82 and C83 around the ESP

    and C95 next to the 3.3V LDO:


  • @t3p3tony Thanks, that made things a lot easier. 🙂 I can at least confirm now that nothing else is missing.

    Only thing I found is that the large extension header and the VIN terminal block both are not sitting 100% flat on the PCB. This has no functional issues AFAICT but is something the assembling should be advised to look after.

    I will attach photos in a moment.



    All pins in both cases are soldered correctly, so again, I see no functional issues here.

  • I have received the replacement board and c111 is misplaced as before, quality control?

    What NOW?


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    @micktol I have replied to your new thread.

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